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The Integrative Therapist

Your Wellness Professional



Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, #121261
Certified Integrative Mental Health Provider
Kollab Youth Advisory Board Member
Supervising Children's Social Worker
Certified Yoga Instructor, RYT-200
Certified Peristem Facilitator

Peaceful Greetings and wellness! Here's a little bit about my journey:

I became a Therapist because I too have experienced many types of trauma; something that overwhelms the nervous system and leaves the person unable to fully process the experience. My unaddressed childhood trauma created imbalance mentally, spiritually, emotionally, physiologically, behaviorally, and biologically. I self-sabotaged relationships and opportunities. To a degree, I was successful professionally and failing personally. I was close minded, broken, emotionally immature, with abandonment issues, poor boundaries, and overcompensated with people pleasing and working it away. To the outside world, I was a social butterfly, but the truth of the matter, I was still a caterpillar who had not spun its cocoon.

I needed guidance on how to calm my emotional rollercoaster in order to heal, make peace, achieve balance, and create my best life. It all started with solitude, nutritional lifestyle changes, yoga, and unlearning my fixed mindset. I had to learn how to be myself and release everything that was holding me back in order to become my evolved, better self. Reigning in understanding my intricate self, took about 3-4 years and I have successfully graduated from my university of self-love and harmony.

It is my calling to be a light guide and aid you in understanding yourself at your core. I will provide you tangible tools that are necessary for better functioning and optimal wellness. I have been doing Social Work through a Clinical lens for the last nine years, amongst other leadership roles and recently expanded my calling by opening up my own Private Practice in an effort to hold therapeutic space for individuals seeking a holistic provider that “gets it”. In my spare time, I really enjoy spending time with family and friends, tapping into my musical gifts, traveling the world, practicing martial arts, and connecting with nature. Thank you for reading about my journey. I look forward to connecting and learning more about you. See you soon!

Her Journey: Team
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